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About Us

Explore Niagara with Local Experts

Like the pioneers who first discovered this exceptional landscape, today’s visitors find Niagara awe-inspiring and filled with wonder. Explore Niagara’s goal is to connect you with all the magic that our region has to offer – rich history, extensive culture, inspiring food and a plethora of attractions – and to do it with the ease, peace of mind, and joy that exploring Niagara brings.

Our founders have been sharing the hidden stories and must-do attractions behind this iconic destination for over a decade. And now you can access them all in one place with an expertly curated set of the best Niagara Falls has to offer.

If you are visiting Niagara Falls USA, rest assured that this is your one stop shop for adventure, fun, and unforgettable memories.

Nick Hurd


Nick is rated the #1 Tour Guide in Niagara Falls and Winner of the Golden Buffalo Award for “Best Tour Event in America”. Nick’s favorite spot in Niagara Falls, besides at home with his wife and kids, is Luna Island.

"Niagara Falls is in my heart. Some days, I feel like this rushing water was put here for me. There are few things that I love more than my home. If before you leave, I can share just a glimpse of what this place means to me, you will fall in love too!" - Nick